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             Shanghai Hanbell Precise Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful Ancient Town Fengjing, Jinshan District, Shanghai , by Shanghai-Hangzhou Freeway and at the intersection of Shanghai-Hangzhou High-speed Railway and the National Road 320 and is conveniently situated at the central position of Yangtze River Delta. The area of the factory site is more than 40 thousand square meters. Hanbell Precise Machinery is specialized in the research and development of corresponding technology of screw compressor and its production, sales and after-sales service. The main products include R series (screw/centrifugal refrigerating compressor), L series (screw refrigerant compressor), A series (screw air compressor) and P series (screw oil free vacuum pump), which are widely applied to all walks of life, as one of most important common electromechanical equipment.
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      SHANGHAI HANBELL PRECISE MACHINERY CO.,LTD. ADD:NO.8289,TingFeng Rd,Fengjing,Area,JinShan District,Shanghai TEL:021-57350280 FAX:021-57352004 Customer Service Hotline :4007702158